Brotherhood AfroMed International Jazz Collective (2020)



BROTHERHOOD AFRO-MED INTERNATIONAL WAS BORN IN THE MIDST OF THE 2020 COVID CRISIS as an International Network of creative performing musicians, composers and producers from Morocco, France, Italy, Congo and USA partnering on Transcontinental productions.

– Who Are We –

Brotherhood Afro-Med is a growing international transcontinental community network which so far represents Morocco, Ivory Coast, Congo, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico and the United States. This Collective counts high-level instrumentalists, researchers, composers and concert producers of local and international renown with a network of professional contacts which extends to Rome, Paris, Cambridge, Casablanca, Marrakech, New York and Monterrey (Mexico).

– Our Vision –

Our Artistic research and creative activity aims to capture the riches of the Afro-Mediterranean musical heritage, past and present, to witness an ancient story rooted in the blending of multicultural diversity: the Afro-Mediterranean experience. As an International community our Collective aspires to embody that ancient model of multicultural cooperation, nowadays that a worldwide reformational process towards authentic Universal Citizenship is key for mankind to overcome planetary challenges.