Introducing Joe De Gregorio

Internationally awarded pianist, composer and educator, first prize of the Monte Carlo competition for Jazz soloists in 2015, Giuseppe De Gregorio aka Joe De Gregorio was born in Rome Italy to a musical family. He began playing music at age three under the supervision of his uncle, multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter.
For the past fifteen years he has been active internationally, working worldwide as a sideman and a bandleader in various ensembles, including his own trio, collaborating on the New York scene with renowned Jazz artists such as Ari Hoenig, Jonathan Blake and Joel Frahm.

Throughout his career Joe has showcased his talents at: Parco della Musica (Rome), Jamboree Jazz Club (Barcelona), Sunside Jazz Club (Paris), Bravo Jazz Club (Brussels), Theater Princesse Grace (Monte Carlo), Villa des Arts of Rabat and Casablanca (Morocco), Rockwood Music Hall (New York), Bonafide Jazz club (New York) and Saint Peter’s Jazz Vespers (New York).

As a recording artist Joe has produced six albums featuring original compositions.

– Highlights –

Awarded with three international scholarships at the Academy of Music and Drama of Gothenburg (Sweden), at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music of New York and the Berklee College of Music (Boston), Joe is active on the on the New York Jazz scene since may 2016, being resident with his own ensemble, The NYC Gospel Jazz Syndicate, at the Bonafide Club while owned by the famous Cameroonian bassist Richard Bona.

“I consider myself a living bridge between cultures, singing in Italian, French, English, Portuguese and Spanish. My unique style embraces Jazz, Gospel, Neo Soul, Funk, R&B, Bossa Nova and more. I grew up immersed in music. My father was a passionate Jazz vinyl aficionado and daily listener; on my mother’s side everyone played an instrument or sang. Since my early childhood I showed strong musical inclination and began playing percussion at age three. Throughout the struggles of an atypical childhood, music has always been present as a major force of consolation and healing. The main reason why I play music is because I need it: it brings joy and peace to my soul. It helps me to deepen my self understanding through exploration, to harmonize the conflicting aspects of my personality and feel more in balance with the world; it ultimately provides meaning, a sense of truth and purpose to my life. I’m constantly striving for “those notes” that will help me further heal, enlighten and be transformed into a better human being. I believe that Jazz, like life, is a gift meant to be shared. I’m excited to share the fruit of my artistic and spiritual quest with you.”

Live in NEW YORK with Jonathan Blake and Joel Fram
Joe De Gregorio CASABLANCA JAZZ TRIO, live at Rick’s Cafè
Joe De Gregorio, piano solo & vocals Live at Rick’s Café
The Paris Gospel Jam! Live at Sunside Jazz Club, Paris