Introducing Giuseppe “Joe” De Gregorio


Besides being a worldwide professional performing musician as an Internationally awarded pianist, vocalist, percussionist and bandleader with more than 15 years of International exposure & experience on 3 continents (Europe, Africa, USA – New York City) I am a prolific composer, arranger, producer and songwriter singing in 5 different languages. My Music is a blend of genres covering Contemporary Jazz, Hip Hop, Crossover Pop, R & B, Neo soul, Bossa Nova, Worship, Acoustic & more. My long term vision is to Impose myself & the unique sound of my Productions on the International scene/market as one of the undisputed leading most successful models in the next 30 + years.


Sono Jazz pianist, composer, bandleader, vocalist, arranger, producer & educator. Sono attivo come performer da oltre dieci anni su tre continenti: Europa, Africa del Nord e USA (New York). Sono fondatore di Paris Gospel Jam (Parigi, 2012), NYC Gospel Jazz Syndicate (New York, 2016) ed Afro-Med International Jazz Collective (Casablanca 2020). Ho registro sei dischi auto prodotti, di cui quattro a mio nome com leader e due come co-leader. Ho vissuto e suonato in varie capitali Europee tra cui Parigi dove mi sono esibito al Sunside Jazz Club con tre diversi progetti a mio nome (2012-2015). Ho vissuto e suonato a New York (2016-2019), dove durante l’estate 2019 mi sono esibito con Ari Hoenig, Joel Fram e Jonathan Blake. Il 28 aprile 2019 ho suonato con il trio a mio nome al Parco Della Musica di Roma (Libero! Showcase). Ho vissuto e suonato in Marocco (Casablanca e Rabat, 2009-2020). Fra pochi mesi mi trasferisco a New York con visto artistico di 3 anni.

Live in NEW YORK with Jonathan Blake and Joel Fram
Joe De Gregorio CASABLANCA JAZZ TRIO, live at Rick’s Cafè
Joe De Gregorio, piano solo & vocals Live at Rick’s Café
The Paris Gospel Jam! Live at Sunside Jazz Club, Paris
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I am Jazz pianist, composer, bandleader, vocalist, arranger, producer & educator. I have been active as a performer for over ten years on three continents: 

EuropeNorth Africa and USA (New York City).

I am the founder of Paris Gospel Jam (Paris, 2012), NYC Gospel Jazz Syndicate (New York, 2016), Afro-Med International Jazz Network (Casablanca 2020). I have recorded six self-produced albums, four as a leader and two as a co-leader.

I have lived and played in various European major cities including Barcellona, Brussels and Paris where I performed at the Sunside Jazz Club with four different projects, three as bandleader and one as sideman (2012-2015). 

I lived and played in New York (2016-2019), where throughout the summer of 2019 I performed with Ari Hoenig, Joel Fram and Jonathan Blake . 

On April 28, 2019 I played with the trio in my name at the Parco Della Musica in Rome (Libero! Showcase). 

I lived and performed on a steady basis in Morocco (Essaouira, Tanger, Casablanca and Rabat, 2009-2020)

In a few months I am moving to New York on a 3-year artist visa.