June 19th 2019, New York. “Brotherhood” feat. Ari Hoenig

so excited about such a special event coming up LIVE in NYC!

Live at Rockwood hall, 10 p.m

“Jazz is to me a Gift from God to Humanity to preserve Brotherhood. There is no Jazz without Community and no Community without Brotherhood. Jazz Music was born as the result of that Afro-European melting pot occurring on American soil. That’s why Jazz has no color, no nationality, no race, no boundary, is able to embrace any musical influence for its nature is inclusive. Nowadays more than ever Jazz has the potential to become a contemporary Global music platform able to contribute in bringing us back to the reality of who We Are as Human Race, One Global Tribe and so promote that Global Social awareness our planet needs so bad. My Jazz is a crossover musical dimension embracing different flavors, colors and influences I absorbed around the World. My inner conviction is that there should be no competition between races, no black versus white but instead the choice to decide, to walk from darkness into light embracing a simple state of mind that is able to save our lives: Brotherhood.”

Author: Giuseppe De Gregorio

I am a natural born musician and professional, owning multiple musical gifts as a Worldwide Jazz, Gospel, Funk, Pop, R&B Soul, Bossa Nova, performing pianist, composer and vocalist.Active as a performing artist on the International scene since fifteen years, during my career I have consistently performed in Europe, Northern Africa and the US (NY), setting my personal journey on the pathways interconnecting these three continents so key to Jazz history.Since I moved back to New York I performed with Jonathan Blake and Joel Fram at the Saint Peter's Jazz vespers on June 9th 2019 as well as with Ari Hoenig playing my Music at Rockwood Music Hall on June 19th 2019. (videos available here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI79s-bArtAbMkEDnIRG8TY0bVPyCBbUN) What makes me uniqueAs a worldwide performing pianist, composer, vocalist and band leader, I have developed my own unique style embracing Jazz, Gospel, Neo Soul, Funk, R&B, Bossa Nova, Hip Hop and more, singing in Italian, French, English and Spanish.More than that, I consider myself a true bridge between cultures. Most of my training and artistic experiences took place within a foreign context, through close contact with other cultures. During the last fifteen years of my life,I settled in six different countries: Holland, Spain, France, Sweden, Morocco, USA and Mexico. Born in Rome,I lived in Amsterdam, Barcelone, Gothenburg, Rabat, Casablanca, Paris, New York, Boston and Monterrey (Mexico). Therefore I carry on my inside a unique multicultural background and interpersonal skills, expressed also in academic and artistic research. The music I perform, compose and teach, since more than a decade now, is permeated by the multicultural heritage my personal journey.